Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cloud of Dogwood

A cloud of dogwood
Hangs suspended from the sky
And Spring rolls down the hillside
Lo paint the valley

The Seasoning

Summer's gone,
Autumn's here,
Rush, Rush, Rush.
Winter waits,
Nights grow cold,
Snow, Snow, Snow.

Spring creeps in,
Summer sings,
Rush, Rush, Rush.
Dream a bit,
Love a lot,
Live, Live, Live.

Seasons come,
Years move on,
Rush, Rush, Rush.
Joys and cares,
Hopes and fears,
Live, Laugh, Love.

Final Thoughts...

103.  Speak softly to me
         Lest I waken from my dream
         To see him leaving.

104.  It was yesterday
         We walked along together
         Arm in arm in love.

105.  Yesterday is gone.
         A thousand years of loving
         Live in memory.

A Limerick for Minnie

A wond'rous wiggly wormie
What earthly good can he be?
He walks with ease
Amongst the leaves
And ends inside a birdie.

A Scene Seen

Ten white geese
Marching single file
Up a lone green gill
To a bright blue sky.

There is so much to see,-
So many songs unsung,-
And roads that beckon me
To cross the plains,
And climb the hills.

There are so many hearts
That cry in loneliness,
And beg for me to come
With gentle arms,
And words of love.

There is so much to do-
So many chores undone.
Please, God, send willing hands
To carry on
When I am gone


Oh, color me red,
And yellow, and green.  Let me
Sing with the birds in the trees,
I'll dance with the wind,
And laugh with the clouds,
And cover the earth with leaves.


       Its's Autumn!
All the colors of summer
Meet for a grand reunion
And buzzards ride with the wind
Just for the joy of rding.

       It's Autumn!
All the mem'ries of summer
Pass in review, and the wind
Wooshes over the airways
To sweep a path for winter.


       What is retirement?
       Thinking of days switfly passed
The laughing, and crying-
The dreaming, and fearing?

       No, It's a new door
       Opened to life never dreamed;
A challenge, surprises-
And time to smell the roses.

Simple Things

Gray the day, and then
A song, a smile, a kind word;
A sip of cool fresh water
Drove away the gray.

After Thoughts

95.  Was ever a spring
       As lovely as this?  Ah, yes
       The heart remembers.

96.  What is man that he
       Can thrill with joy and wonder
       And praise Your name.

97.  All things great and small
       Are for our feast and learning.
       Gifts of Your great love.

98.  Clouds a-skittering
       Along a summer skyway
       Leave no tracks, -no rain.

99.  Light'ning playing tag
       'Mongst the thunderheads, and rain
       Races down to earth.

100.  Cornfields fruitless stand.
         Thunder heads explode, and rain
         Comes too late, -too late.

101.  Luscious means juicy,
         Chewy, and gooey,
         And even sounds good to eat.

102.  Speak gently, my child,
         Lest one whose heart is hurting
         Cries at night, -alone.

Look Out the Window

Look out the window.
       What do you see?
Soft pussywillows
       Buds on a tree.

Look out the window.
       What do you see?
Gardens of flowers
       Sheep on the lea.

Look out the window
       What do you see?
Snow on the meadow       
       Foam on the sea.

Look out the window.
       See what you will.
Weeds by the roadside
       Daisies and dill.

Look out the window.
       See what you will.
Mud on your pathway
       Rain on the hill.

Look out the window.
       Life passes by.
Burdens and sorrows
       Clouds floating high.

Thoughts Continued...

91.  A wave of power
       Wraps around the world, - and War
       Tries the door to Peace.

92.  Silence is a sound
       That soars across the senses
       And shields their secrets.

93.  Spring is late this year, -
       Or hiding in a snowbank
       Waiting to be found!

94.  A cry of triumph
       Rings from war-torn lands, - and Peace
       Creeps in through chaos.

Blow Wind

Blow, wind, blow
Blow the leaves away.
Blow them 'raound the corner, then
Blow them back again.

Thoughts Continued...

89.  Beauty all around
       Soaring over hill and vale
       Hiding in the grass.

90.  One tiny flower
       A vision of love
       Beauty is in the seeing.


Follow a road to Nowhere
O'er mountain, and crag, and peak.
Reach for the sky, and hold it
If freedom is all you seek.

Follow a road to Nowhere
The valley is bright and gay
Gather the gaudy blossoms
And dance while the pipers play.

Follow a road to Nowhere
Concealed in your masquerade
Please yourself, but remember
The piper has to be paid.

Silence Sings

When the concert ends
       And the echo fades
Listen for the sound
       Of silence, singing.

Thoughts Continued...

85.  Love is a rosebud
       Wrapped in promis, full of hope
       Waiting the flow'ring.

86.  Love is a flower
       Lavish in beauty and charm.
       Waiting the harvest.

87.  Love is the harvest
       Gift of the nurtured seedling
       Reward of dreaming.

88.  Love is a mem'ry
       Comfort in lonely moments
       Joy of life and dreams.


If seeping clouds
       and soggy shoes
       and string hair--
If greening grass
       and swelling buds
       and singing cats--
If playful winds
       and winging geese
       and dripping eaves
Mean Spring
       I'll take them!

More Thoughts...

83.  Playful autumn winds
       Blow the leaves across the street -
       And blow them back again.

84.  Time cannot erase
       The dreams we choose to cherish
       Locked in memory.

I Guess I Knew

I guess I knew the time had come
       That we woluld have to part.
That one would stay, and one would go
       And leave a lonely heart.

I guess I knew you didn't hear
       My whispered words of love.
With muffled sobs I spoke your name.
       But your voice was stilled.

I guess I knew you couldn't feel
       My pounding heart that day.
The touch, the kiss, the last embrace,
       Before you went away.

I guess I knew you would't come
       When the day was done.
That you would take another path
       Into the setting sun.

But this I knew, our love was true
       Each one for the other.
And all the joys and cares we shared--
       Sustaining memories.

My Cat

My cat                             She croons
Is a mat                           Happy tunes
On the cot                       As she warms
Where I nap                     My cold toes.

More Thoughts...

77.  Time on goldne wings
       Flies away beyond my reach.
       Memories remain.

78.  I would not relive
       One moment sad or glorious.
       Grant me each day new.

79.  Day dawns unblemished
       The dross of the day before
       Scatters in the wind.

80.  Belive in beauty.
       Winds that soar uncharted skies,
       To meet the sunrise.

81.  Silently I cry
       My loneliness and heartache
       Hidden in a smile.

82.  Time on fragile wings
       Leaves its mark in smiles and tears
       And greets tomorrow.

Dear Anna

I found a lovely picture
     On a birthday card.
An old mill in a garden,--
       Thoughts of long ago.

Then I found these roses.
       Fresh, and sweet, and true.
They bloom with birthday blessings
       Especially for you.

Thoughts Continued...

72.  When the flame is gone,
       Its embers trun to ashes.
       And the wind blows cold.

73.  Softly, so softly
       Winter wraps the world in white,
       And sings it to sleep.

74.  Love her tenderly.
       With gentle passion hold her.
       Guard her faithfully.

75.  Love him patiently.
       With wise compassion, comfort.
       Walk into the wind.

76.  Two lives joined in one
       In God's own plan fulfilling
       Service, joy, and love.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Today we talked of common things, -
The price of bread, and smatherings
Of family news, -
The children's shoes, -
Tomorrow school begins.

And then we talked of happiness, -
Vacations, picnics, tenderness, -
A summer's dream,
Homemade icecream,
We laughed, and then we cried.

We talked awhile of special days.
The fun we shared ten thousand ways.
Now bitter words,
And broken hearts, -
And summer turned to winter.

We'll talk again of common things,k -
Of happiness each new day brings.
We'll make icecream,
And even dream, -
And time will ease the heartaches.

Thoughts Continued...

61.  Dainty parasols
       Shelter fairies from the sun.
       Lovely Queen Anne's lace.

62.  Brightly colored leaves
       Clinging fast to autum trees.
       Must bow to Winter.

63.  To look at beatuy
       Set your heart in tune with God,
       And face the sunrise.

64.  Let me see beauty
       Harbored in commonplace things.
       Dewdrops on pine trees.

65.  Let me hear beauty
       Held in the song of a lark.
       Rain on the window.

66.  Let me feel beauty
       Love's tender touch, and a smile
       Soft velvet ribbons.

67.  Let me give beauty
       Comfort, encouragement, hope.
       Light in dark moments.

68.  Let me know beauty
       Moving in all that surrounds.
       To love, and be loved.

69.  A song is a jewel
       Set in a circle of gold.
       To have and to hold.

70.  For each tear, a smile
       For each harsh work, a kind one.
       For each moment, love.

71.  Each life has its trails.
       Each trial its compensation.
       Love, its own reward.

What Do You See?

     Side by side they walked
Along a country lane.
     One saw only weeds.
The other Queen Anne's lace.

Be Happy

Climb a mountain to the sky.
     Wish upon a start.
Pick a penny up for luck.
     Be happy where you are.

Cross a meadow sweet with flow'rs.
     Maybe pick a few.
Give yourself a loving hug.
     Be happy where you are.

Count the glorious, fleeting hours.
     And a dream or two.
Place a ring around the moon.
      Be happy you are you.

Walk along a busy street.
     Don't forget to smile.
Share your joy each step you take.
     Be happy you're worthwhile.

Love Is (2nd)

Love is not a word
Shaped by tongue and voice
Breaqthed into a song and lost
Ere it finds a place to rest.

Love is singing in the rain.
Love is suff'ring someon's pain.
Love is patient, strong and kind.
Love is faithfulness.

Love's caring, sharing, heart
Laughing, crying, trusting heart.
Love's a touch, a soft caress.
Love is tenderness.

Love is not a word
Breathed into a song and lost.
Love, in giving self to Love
Finds its nesting place.

Thoughts Continued...

57.  Daisies in the breeze.
       Lovely ladies dancing by.
       Tomboys dressed in lace!

58.  Sad the mound of earth
       Piled high with wilted flowers.
       Starts still shine, - grass grows.

59.  Darkness, - all is dark.
       My heart enchanted listens
       Love songs in the night.

60.  Wake, my heart, and sing.
       The night was made for dreaming,
        The day for doing.

Love Is

Love is not a word,
Shaped by tongue and voice,
Breathed into a song, and lost
Ere it finds a place to nest.

Love is singing in the rain.
Love is suff'ring somone's pain.
Love's a caring, sharing heart, -
Laughing, crying, trusting heart.
Love's a touch, a soft caress.
Love is tenderness.

Love is not a word.
Breathed into song and lost.
Love, in giving self to Love,
Finds its nesting place.

Summer Begins

The sun climbs the sky,
     Gorgeous in rising.
My heart feels the joy
     Of summer returning.

Several Thoughts...

53.  Rain on fallen leaves---
       Cloak of Autumn, spicy, sweet--
       Summer's burial robe.

54.  Two vines, on a fence.
       Each off'ring its best to life.
       A grape, and a rose.

55.  Harvest is over.
       Dance to the cricket's singing.
       Winter is watching.

56.  Life is not in vein.
       In the dark a cricket sings,
      And starts are shining.

Because She Smiled

"Hello," she smiled, and asked me,
     "How are you today?"
"I'm very well, I thank you.
     Such a lovely day!"

I couldn't tell her truly,
     "Oh, my back is lame,
My corns are hurting madly.
     Such a lot of pain!"

Because she smiled so sweetly
     I forgot my pain.
I'm really glad she asked me.
     Lovely day, again.

Listen The Wind

The wind.
Playful, capricious,
Tender, caressing,
Teasing, Laughing, -

The wind,
Morunful, despondent,
Wailing, despairing,
Weeping, longing, -

The wind.
Brutal, relentless,
Suff'ring, raging,
Screaming, lashing, -

The wind,
Where does it come from?
Where is it going?
Groaning, lonesome,

The wind
Playful, tender, teasing,
Screaming, chilling, killing,
Wand'ring, weeping, wailing,
Laughing, longing, lashing,
The wind

Friday, April 8, 2011

How Can I help You?

How can I help you to hear---
        The throb of distant train,
        The drone of hight-flying plane,
        The sream of hot-rod and cycle,
        The sounds of progress from steelmill and highway;

Oh, how can I help you to hear---
     The cheerful chirp of crickets,
     The love song of katydids,
     The wind, the owl, the purr of a cat,
     The bullfrog jubilee,
     Birds singing, each his own song,
        Not in competition,
        But for pure joy of singing.
Listen, my Dear.

How can I help you to see---
        The cold snow of winter,
        The dry, cracked earth of summer,
        The cloak of indifference,
        A tear, a frwon, your balcony,
        The filth of human carelessness;

Oh, how can I help you to see---
     The seed that waits the spring,
The deep roots of the oad that reach to wells
           within a thristy land,
     Someone lonely, unhappy, needing to love,
           and be loved.
     See, beneath your balcony, the whole world
           is a challenge.
     Even a violet by the roadside, blooms victorious
           Through a rusted tin can.

Look, my love.

How can I help you to remember---
        The cold indifference of people,
        The loose morals and worldliness,
        The easy-come-easy-go life,
        The mad race toward desctruction;
Oh, how can I help you to remember---
     Our God, who has ruled, now rules,
     And will forever rule this world.
     A spark of love and conern still glows within the multitude.
     A desire for a butter way is waiting to be shown The Way.
     The challenge of tomorrow is before you
     Beginning just beyond your doorstep.
Remember, my Child, this message from the apostle Paul;---

"Fix your thoughts on what is true and good and right.
Think on things that are pure and lovely,
     And dwell on the fine, good things in others.
     Think about all you can praise God for
     And be glad about it."
           Phillipians 4:8

Whatsoever things are true,
Whatsoever things are honest,
Whatsoever things are just,
Whatsoever things are pure,
Whatsoever things are of good report,
If there be any virtue, and if there be any praise,
Think on these things.

A Bit of Nonsence

A rollicking robber roams the range.
     A rickety-rackety-rock.
He rides a roan with a red ribbon rein.
     A rackety-rockety-rick.
Around the rocker and over the rug,
     A rockety-rickety-rack.
Racing a rabbit up rambling Rill

If Spring

If Spring should turn her covers back
And get up some fine morning
To find the daffodils in bloom
And honey bees abuzzing
And birds inspecting every tree
To find the right location
To build their homes, and raise their young
(And then go on vactation!)
I'd know that I had weathered through
A winterime of dying
And Spring was wakening to find
A new delight in living

And so the seasons come and go.
All have their woes and laughter.
Ere long or short, ere great or small
Each one must serve the Master.

One Thought for Today

Write your thoughts in song and verse.
     Speak gently with your pen.
Someone may take heart today
     So love can come again.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Prayer

     Paint my life with a rainbow,
The sun, a start, and a cloud.
     May it make someone happy.
Give comfort, shelter, anad love.

     Shade my life with compassion,
Not pity, --wringing my hands.
     Let me be understanding
Of pain in suffering lives.

     Crowd my mind with all good thoughts.
No room to pamper my aches.
     Show, through my life, Your message
Of strength, of courage, and hope.

More Thoughts Continued...

47.  Time rushes onward.
       Today is yesterday's dream.
       Tomorrow, -- Judgement.

48.  Time moves on, my Love
       Today is made for living.
       Tomorrow, - dying.

49.  Hope is a sunbeam.
       One fleeting moment of joy.
       Lovely in passing.

50.  A time for dreaming.
       Spring has broken winter's bonds.
       All life is singing.

51.  Words are hollow sounds
       Unless the heart speaks with them.
       Teach my heart to speak.

52.  One tender moment,
       A smile, a touch, or a kiss, -
       A gem to remember.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thoughts Continued...

36.  Life's darkest moments
       Fade with the passing strom cloud. --
       Sunshine tomorrow.

37.  Life has its heartaches.
       No matter how dark your day
       Someone is singing.

38.  Such a lovely day!
       So full of life, and beauty.
      Sing a happy song.

39.  More silent than snow
        God blankets us with His love,
       And quiets our fears.

40.  Winter is worn out.
       Out coughed, out sneezed, out weathered.
       Time for spring tonic!

41.  Sing a song of Spring.
       Sun, and rain, and violets.
       Wear your overshoes!

42.  February blahs!
       Winter's welcome overstayed.
       Spring, impatient, waits.

43.  Bitter words don't harm
       The one to whom they're spoken,
       But the one who speaks.

44.  Winter came with joy,
       Playing leapfrog in the snow.
       Wore his welcome out!

45.  How long is winter?
       Not by time the count is made,
       But by Spring's wak'ning.

46.  Bold and boist'rous March,
       Winter gone, but not yet spring.
       A time of yearning.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Thoughts...

23.  How ridiculous
       To carry my umbrella
       On a sunny day
            But -

24.  When a cloud appears
       And pours its load upon me
       Where's my bumbershoot?

25.  Softly at sunset
       Day closes the door
     And night wishes on a star.

26.  Come with me my Love
       We'll walk through life together
       To the rainbow's end.

27.  My heart races free
       Free to love, to work, to choose.
       Choose wisely, my heart.

28.   Love, on silent wings,
       Courses through each human heart,
       And nests where welcomed.

29.  A time for crying.
       Then love recalls its loving,
       And heals its heartache..

30.  Reach for the good things.
       Life gives from its treasury
       Unbounded riches.

31.  What are life's riches?
       Silver, and gold, and a star? --
       To love and be loved.

32.  Softly years go by,
       And scarce we heed their passing
       Until the snow flies.

33.  A time to be born.
       Spring gives birth to all nature,
       And Summer grows strong.

34.  A time of sadness.
       Winter comes on icy feet,
       And buries Summer.

35.  Unmarred by error,
       New hope lies 'neath winter snow,
      Waiting to be born.

Child's Chirstmas Song

Mary had a baby,
     Soft and warm and small.
Laid him in a manger
     Near a cattle stall.

Angels singing praises
     From the heavens came.
Gift of God, this baby
     Jesus is his name.

Wisemen came to worship
     Sheperds came to see.
Joseph, filled with wonder
     Loved his family.

Mary had a baby
     Gentle, sweet, and mild.
Gift of God, this baby
     Jesus, Holy child.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Song to Spring

A song to sing to Spring
To crocusses and daffodils
To hyacinths and whipporwills
To violets and greening trees
To cardinals and chickadees
To lambs, and calves, and April rain
To sunshine over hill and plain-
Oh, welcome, welcome everything.
This song I sing to Spring.

A Family for God's Son

Mary had no doctor
     When her time was come.
No sterile couch, no well-trained hands,
     No layette waiting by.
No medication soothed her nerves
     Nor eased her labor pangs.
She had no mid-wife, calm and sure
     That night in Bethlehem.

But Joseph was there beside her
     In the stable, - they and God.
And His love wrapped all around them
     Like a mantle from above.
No earthly riches offered He
     No palace shining bright
No servants at their beck and call
     No feast, no merriment.

It was in a lowly stable,
     On  a cloak spread on the floor
That Mary bore the Holy babe
     And made his bed of straw.
The angels sang with joy and praise
     For the wond'rous miracle
And Mary, and Joseph, in love became
     A family for God's Son.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Death Stands

Death stands at my door.
Not bold and demanding,
But tender and patient,
And knowing my weakness,
Awaits the right moment
To open the door,
Take hold of my hand,
And lead me across
The treacherous void
To Life Everlasting.

God Gave

God gave His son, His only son
     A gift for all, - and me
In love He showed to everyone
     His plan to set men free

Belive in Jesus.  He's your friend
     He will your keeper be
And He will lead you at the end
    To God, eternally.

Two More Thoughts...

21.  Look to the mountains 
       Fearsome, majestic, sublime
       Towering fortress.

22.  Look to the valley
       Industry, farming, and man
       Living, dying -- home.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ride a Cloud

Ride a cloud to Dreamland,
Pick a star to eat,
Gather moonbeams for your love,
And dewdrops for a treat.

Make a cloak of snowflakes
Fashion it with care
Bathe your face with April rain
Pin heather in your hair.

Fly across the rainbow
Dance because you're free
Run along the Milky Way
And sing for joy, and me

Oh, ride a cloud to Dreamland
Stay an hour or more
Then hurry home at break of day
I'll meet you at the door.

Hunting -- Finding

High in the mountains I longed to go
     Hunting for silver and gold.
Down in the valley I chose to stay
     There I found riches untold.

A bit of blue sky, and a silver cloud,
     Sunset and moonglow, - sunshine
Colored the blossoms around my feet.
     The gold was a dandelion.