Monday, April 11, 2011

Thoughts Continued...

61.  Dainty parasols
       Shelter fairies from the sun.
       Lovely Queen Anne's lace.

62.  Brightly colored leaves
       Clinging fast to autum trees.
       Must bow to Winter.

63.  To look at beatuy
       Set your heart in tune with God,
       And face the sunrise.

64.  Let me see beauty
       Harbored in commonplace things.
       Dewdrops on pine trees.

65.  Let me hear beauty
       Held in the song of a lark.
       Rain on the window.

66.  Let me feel beauty
       Love's tender touch, and a smile
       Soft velvet ribbons.

67.  Let me give beauty
       Comfort, encouragement, hope.
       Light in dark moments.

68.  Let me know beauty
       Moving in all that surrounds.
       To love, and be loved.

69.  A song is a jewel
       Set in a circle of gold.
       To have and to hold.

70.  For each tear, a smile
       For each harsh work, a kind one.
       For each moment, love.

71.  Each life has its trails.
       Each trial its compensation.
       Love, its own reward.