The lines that I have written are intended to tell you all how much I love you, to challenge you, to make you think, but especially to give you joy.

Even the lines written long before you were born, express my love for life, and that includes the family of my dreams. To write in a way easily read; with sound, and rhythm, and a message to you; - was a real challenge. I hope that in reading you will each find the challenge that I offer for your joy.

In June of 1932 my girlhood dreams began to come true.  Paul V. Blythe and I realized that our lives and dreams were on the same path.  That continues even now.  Our life together has always been the inspiration, challenge, encouragement, and love that we offer for your joy.

From Grandma
   With Love

                Leona B. Blythe
                April 12, 1991