Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Thoughts...

23.  How ridiculous
       To carry my umbrella
       On a sunny day
            But -

24.  When a cloud appears
       And pours its load upon me
       Where's my bumbershoot?

25.  Softly at sunset
       Day closes the door
     And night wishes on a star.

26.  Come with me my Love
       We'll walk through life together
       To the rainbow's end.

27.  My heart races free
       Free to love, to work, to choose.
       Choose wisely, my heart.

28.   Love, on silent wings,
       Courses through each human heart,
       And nests where welcomed.

29.  A time for crying.
       Then love recalls its loving,
       And heals its heartache..

30.  Reach for the good things.
       Life gives from its treasury
       Unbounded riches.

31.  What are life's riches?
       Silver, and gold, and a star? --
       To love and be loved.

32.  Softly years go by,
       And scarce we heed their passing
       Until the snow flies.

33.  A time to be born.
       Spring gives birth to all nature,
       And Summer grows strong.

34.  A time of sadness.
       Winter comes on icy feet,
       And buries Summer.

35.  Unmarred by error,
       New hope lies 'neath winter snow,
      Waiting to be born.

Child's Chirstmas Song

Mary had a baby,
     Soft and warm and small.
Laid him in a manger
     Near a cattle stall.

Angels singing praises
     From the heavens came.
Gift of God, this baby
     Jesus is his name.

Wisemen came to worship
     Sheperds came to see.
Joseph, filled with wonder
     Loved his family.

Mary had a baby
     Gentle, sweet, and mild.
Gift of God, this baby
     Jesus, Holy child.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Song to Spring

A song to sing to Spring
To crocusses and daffodils
To hyacinths and whipporwills
To violets and greening trees
To cardinals and chickadees
To lambs, and calves, and April rain
To sunshine over hill and plain-
Oh, welcome, welcome everything.
This song I sing to Spring.

A Family for God's Son

Mary had no doctor
     When her time was come.
No sterile couch, no well-trained hands,
     No layette waiting by.
No medication soothed her nerves
     Nor eased her labor pangs.
She had no mid-wife, calm and sure
     That night in Bethlehem.

But Joseph was there beside her
     In the stable, - they and God.
And His love wrapped all around them
     Like a mantle from above.
No earthly riches offered He
     No palace shining bright
No servants at their beck and call
     No feast, no merriment.

It was in a lowly stable,
     On  a cloak spread on the floor
That Mary bore the Holy babe
     And made his bed of straw.
The angels sang with joy and praise
     For the wond'rous miracle
And Mary, and Joseph, in love became
     A family for God's Son.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Death Stands

Death stands at my door.
Not bold and demanding,
But tender and patient,
And knowing my weakness,
Awaits the right moment
To open the door,
Take hold of my hand,
And lead me across
The treacherous void
To Life Everlasting.

God Gave

God gave His son, His only son
     A gift for all, - and me
In love He showed to everyone
     His plan to set men free

Belive in Jesus.  He's your friend
     He will your keeper be
And He will lead you at the end
    To God, eternally.

Two More Thoughts...

21.  Look to the mountains 
       Fearsome, majestic, sublime
       Towering fortress.

22.  Look to the valley
       Industry, farming, and man
       Living, dying -- home.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ride a Cloud

Ride a cloud to Dreamland,
Pick a star to eat,
Gather moonbeams for your love,
And dewdrops for a treat.

Make a cloak of snowflakes
Fashion it with care
Bathe your face with April rain
Pin heather in your hair.

Fly across the rainbow
Dance because you're free
Run along the Milky Way
And sing for joy, and me

Oh, ride a cloud to Dreamland
Stay an hour or more
Then hurry home at break of day
I'll meet you at the door.

Hunting -- Finding

High in the mountains I longed to go
     Hunting for silver and gold.
Down in the valley I chose to stay
     There I found riches untold.

A bit of blue sky, and a silver cloud,
     Sunset and moonglow, - sunshine
Colored the blossoms around my feet.
     The gold was a dandelion.

Hill and Valley

To the top of the hill,
     And accross the green valley, -
Oh, my heart is so light
     But my feet, - they are heavy.