Tuesday, April 12, 2011

After Thoughts

95.  Was ever a spring
       As lovely as this?  Ah, yes
       The heart remembers.

96.  What is man that he
       Can thrill with joy and wonder
       And praise Your name.

97.  All things great and small
       Are for our feast and learning.
       Gifts of Your great love.

98.  Clouds a-skittering
       Along a summer skyway
       Leave no tracks, -no rain.

99.  Light'ning playing tag
       'Mongst the thunderheads, and rain
       Races down to earth.

100.  Cornfields fruitless stand.
         Thunder heads explode, and rain
         Comes too late, -too late.

101.  Luscious means juicy,
         Chewy, and gooey,
         And even sounds good to eat.

102.  Speak gently, my child,
         Lest one whose heart is hurting
         Cries at night, -alone.