Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Morning

Out at the break of day,
Singing along the way,
Helping the birds to say,
Smiling to left and right,
You'll make a sad friend bright.
Earth will return a light

Then when Life's evening falls,
Darkness your soul enthralls,
You'll hear a voice that calls,
Friends of the Earth will meet,
Tenderly they'll repeat
Words that to you are sweet,

So, Out at the break of day,
Sing all along the way,
Help every bird to say,
Smile first to left, then right.
Make, now, that sad friend bright.
Do you not hear Earth's light

Friday, January 28, 2011

Evening Music

To Nature's ear there comes at eventide
A symphony of living souls.  "Tis then
That man, and bird, and flower thrill with song
So soft and clear.  "Tis then this old world waits
In glory just to send her praise anew.

The wind in the trees, the Earth's great organ trembles,
While birds to its accompaniment all sing
The songs that fill man's heart with ecstasy.
And, softly, from beneath the trees, the brook
With tender voice, bids all the work, "Good-night"
Ah, Harken!  Do you hear it from afar---
The evening music of God's Universe?

There's not a bit of butter
In a single butter cup.
Do you suppose the fairies
Ate the butter up?