Thursday, February 24, 2011


1.  My heart is crying,
     Crying for beauty that's lost,
     Lost by hurrying.

2.  My heart is broken,
     Broken by words unspoken,
     Unspoken love words.

3.  My heart is weary,
     Weary of summer rushing,
     Rushing to winter.

4.  Sing, my heart, for joy.
     Sing for the joy of harvest.
     Harvest, - givt of spring.

5.  Long not for times past,
     Nor live for the coming day.
     This day, Heart, is yours.

6.  Speak, O Heart, my love
     Love so tender, urgent, strong
     Strong to give, to take.

7.  Speak of happy things.
     Of life, of love, of beauty.
     Face the wind, and sing.

8.  Speak, O Heart, of love.
     Croon softly in the moonlight.
     Shout above the storm.

9.  Dream your dreams awake
     Awake to moments fragile
     Fragile web of life.

10. Walk with me, my friend.
      Travel over rocky hills
      To peaceful valleys.

11.  Today is over.
       Ere good or bad, - no matter, -
       Tomorrow wiser.

12.  Speak soft and gentle.
       Wrap each work each look in love.
       A long day ended.

13.  Speak your love, O Heart.
       Don't wait for moments magic.
       Speak, and love will hear.

14.  Moonlight and roses.
       Sounds of a warm summer night.
       Cats singing love songs.

15.  Time goes on, my Love.
       I would not try to hold it.
       Nor change its pathway.

16.  Once yellow feathered,
       Twice beautiful goldenrod
       Now blooms with snowflakes.

17. Walk slowly and see
      Beatuy hiding is small things
      Waiting and finding.

18.  Walk softly and hear
       Sounds of sorrow, hope and joy
       Heartbeat of living.

19.  Walk gently and feel
       Life in its fullest, moving
       Never repeating.

20.  When my lips forget
       To tell you that I love you
       My heart remembers.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

On Lighting the Campfire

Grasping fingers
Reaching toward the moon and starts,
Consuming all within their reach ---
Now we go in search of treasure
Guard our camp tonight.

Roaring lantern
Lighting paths across the fields,
Sending beacons to the sky ---
Lead us campward from our wand'rings
When the moon is high.

My Lady's Kerchief

My lady's kerchief
Dances in her dainty fingers.
A faint perfume
Quickens the soul of the restless.
The untamed perfume
Of a sweetgrass box.

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Anne

My Anne has hair of darkest hue
     That ever ravens wear.
It sparkles with the morning dew,
     And ripples in the air.

My Anne has always on her lips
     A tender, loving smile.
I think the angel's fingertips
     Hold it there all the while.

My Anne has eyes like the wishing star
     That shines for you and me.
She looks across the world so far,
     Yet never seems to see.

Alas, My Anne, she loves not me,
     Nor any beast or man.
But I love her because, you see,
     My dolly is My Anne.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


There is a calm upon the sea.
     Ships make the only waves.
A leaden sun, and skies of black
     Shine on the inky waste.

The wind comes up, the waves climb high.
     Ships bound like rubber balls.
The sun is gone, and clouds drop down
     To blend with the reaching waves.

The squall is past, the sea is calm,
     Sun shines on ships of pearl.
The sky is blue, and soft white clouds
     Dance in the fresh cool breeze.

As is the calm before the storm
     Followed by calm again;
So is the life before the death
     Followed again by life.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Friendship Club

Awake! This is the day of days
Your duties to perform.
The sun sends out its healing rays,
And makes men's hearts hrow warm.

Ah-ha! a ruffled landscape there.
'Tis trouble.  Am I right?
Well, Grit your teeth, and toss your hair,
And fight a noble fight.

The battle's on, and fear and blight
Are clutching at your heart;
But right is might; so if you're right
Your troubles will depart.

And if you're wrong;-- What's done is past.
There is no use to grieve.
Pack up that sorrow and at last
Its profits you'll receive.

The sun for you will always shine,
If you allow it to.
And all your cares will fall in line
To fade away from view.

Come rain, come shine, to end of time,
Make this your purpose blest,
"I'll squarely face this life of mine,
And find, and give the best."