Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thoughts Continued...

36.  Life's darkest moments
       Fade with the passing strom cloud. --
       Sunshine tomorrow.

37.  Life has its heartaches.
       No matter how dark your day
       Someone is singing.

38.  Such a lovely day!
       So full of life, and beauty.
      Sing a happy song.

39.  More silent than snow
        God blankets us with His love,
       And quiets our fears.

40.  Winter is worn out.
       Out coughed, out sneezed, out weathered.
       Time for spring tonic!

41.  Sing a song of Spring.
       Sun, and rain, and violets.
       Wear your overshoes!

42.  February blahs!
       Winter's welcome overstayed.
       Spring, impatient, waits.

43.  Bitter words don't harm
       The one to whom they're spoken,
       But the one who speaks.

44.  Winter came with joy,
       Playing leapfrog in the snow.
       Wore his welcome out!

45.  How long is winter?
       Not by time the count is made,
       But by Spring's wak'ning.

46.  Bold and boist'rous March,
       Winter gone, but not yet spring.
       A time of yearning.