Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Thoughts...

23.  How ridiculous
       To carry my umbrella
       On a sunny day
            But -

24.  When a cloud appears
       And pours its load upon me
       Where's my bumbershoot?

25.  Softly at sunset
       Day closes the door
     And night wishes on a star.

26.  Come with me my Love
       We'll walk through life together
       To the rainbow's end.

27.  My heart races free
       Free to love, to work, to choose.
       Choose wisely, my heart.

28.   Love, on silent wings,
       Courses through each human heart,
       And nests where welcomed.

29.  A time for crying.
       Then love recalls its loving,
       And heals its heartache..

30.  Reach for the good things.
       Life gives from its treasury
       Unbounded riches.

31.  What are life's riches?
       Silver, and gold, and a star? --
       To love and be loved.

32.  Softly years go by,
       And scarce we heed their passing
       Until the snow flies.

33.  A time to be born.
       Spring gives birth to all nature,
       And Summer grows strong.

34.  A time of sadness.
       Winter comes on icy feet,
       And buries Summer.

35.  Unmarred by error,
       New hope lies 'neath winter snow,
      Waiting to be born.