Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Family for God's Son

Mary had no doctor
     When her time was come.
No sterile couch, no well-trained hands,
     No layette waiting by.
No medication soothed her nerves
     Nor eased her labor pangs.
She had no mid-wife, calm and sure
     That night in Bethlehem.

But Joseph was there beside her
     In the stable, - they and God.
And His love wrapped all around them
     Like a mantle from above.
No earthly riches offered He
     No palace shining bright
No servants at their beck and call
     No feast, no merriment.

It was in a lowly stable,
     On  a cloak spread on the floor
That Mary bore the Holy babe
     And made his bed of straw.
The angels sang with joy and praise
     For the wond'rous miracle
And Mary, and Joseph, in love became
     A family for God's Son.